Coral assists SharinPix achieve ISO 27001 2022 certification

Coral assists SharinPix achieve ISO 27001 2022 certification
Jun 7, 2024

Coral advised US based Sharin Pix to successfully obtain ISO 27001 – 2022 certification


SharinPix is a Salesforce marketplace vendor with an imaging solution


The process of ISO 27001 2022 certification involved taking the organization through the following steps (not exhaustive)


·      Understanding the organization’s business

·      Establishing security objectives

·      Gap analysis against all the standard requirements

·      3-layer risk assessment, and risk management support

·      Documentation of policies, procedures and processes – based on the standard as well as the risk-driven policy requirements

·      Implementation Support Tracking

·      Measurement of applicable controls

·      Training to all staff

·      Internal Audit

·      External support during Stage 1 and Stage 2



The outcome of ISMS – ISO 27001 2022 to Sharin Pix are as follows:



·      Enhanced Security Posture

·      Risk Management

·      Customer Trust and Competitive Advantage

·      Business Continuity

·      Improved Internal Processes

·      Continuous Improvement

·      Cost Efficiency

·      Cultural Shift towards Security Awareness

·      Enhanced Incident Response and Management

·      Global Recognition and Certification