• Imagine a GDPR consulting organization that will ensure all applicable requirements are documented, implemented, and monitored leading to a successful zero-defect compliance report within an agreed target time. It may sound too good to be true, but at Coral, this is the passion that drives every consultant to deliver exceptional results.
  • Whether you are a controller and/or a processor, we have the methodology to deliver. Our methodology understands the privacy requirements of each business and designs the program as per the organization’s PII exposure.
  • Whether you are a startup or an established business with global operations, Coral's methodologies are specifically designed to help you achieve your GDPR objectives.
  • At Coral, we offer tailor-made programs to meet your business needs, regardless of whether your applications and network are on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Our team has extensive experience in providing customized solutions, even for complex requirements.
  • We are a GDPR consulting firm that values the human touch. Our team of experienced GDPR consultants will guide you through the compliance process, providing expert advice every step of the way. Our fast and agile methodologies enable us to deliver comprehensive GDPR compliance on time. We take pride in our ability to provide a top-notch service while prioritizing our clients' needs.
  • The rise in data privacy breaches emphasizes the need for organizations to establish a comprehensive privacy management program. To stay ahead in this ongoing battle, Coral's consulting approach is centred on providing the best advice and implementation support, which will keep you secure.
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GDPR Consulting Services

GDPR Consulting Engagement Phases

Here is a brief overview of all the phases involved in implementing GDPR compliance.

Phase I - Understanding Business, and Personal Data Processing

In this phase, we aim to understand and document the following:

  • Client's business model, customers, technology, and data processing requirements.
  • Whether they are controller and/or processor
  • The legal basis of data processing
  • Through this, we determine the applicable legal GDPR requirements

Phase II - Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • In this phase, Coral GDPR consultants perform privacy impact assessment (PIA) and security risk assessment, covering the PII information lifecycle, business processes and Technology infrastructure.
  • In this phase, GDPR consultants identify gaps and provide detail recommendations to close those gaps.

Phase III - GDPR Implementation

  • The most comprehensive piece of GDPR implementation involves 'privacy by design'.
  • Privacy by Design involves keeping data subjects in mind while making any future data processing decision across the organization. Depending on the client environment, Coral GDPR Consultants advises the clients to make changes in their overall governance strategy to make these changes to reduce the exposure of privacy beach.
  • In this phase, Coral GDPR Implementation Consultants will draft and provide documentation for 15+ policies and procedures.
  • These documents and their impacts involve brainstorming with organization stakeholders to align them with GDPR legal controls and policies.
  • Risks identified in the gap analysis are discussed and tracked towards closure.

Phase IV - Training & Brainstorming Sessions

  • Training of staff involved in GDPR operations is a key factor in successful GDPR implementation.
  • Depending upon the audience, Coral consultants will deliver a combination of training that includes awareness, risk management and legal interpretation.

Phase V - Measurement of Controls including Internal Audit

Upon the completion of the implementation phase, Coral performs monthly tests of controls to ensure that designed controls are operating effectively.

  • These tests are conducted across all applicable GDPR requirements or policies that are implemented
  • A formal report is published for the management team for the overall program effectiveness, especially the newly developed and implemented security controls and practices.


At this stage:

  • As a result of undergoing the previous phases, Coral assists clients in a successful GDPR governance program that includes people, processes, technology and ongoing measurements.
  • Each of the GDPR requirements has been completed by a combination of one or more of policy, procedures, responsibilities, reports, records, technology, and automation.
  • At this stage, the client defined an annual plan of tasks using which they demonstrate their ongoing commitment
  • At this stage, with all areas of GDPR compliance being completed, the client can declare itself to be GDPR compliant.
  • GDPR is not a project but an ongoing governance program. Coral GDPR Compliance Consultants helps clients in designing and ensuring the program metrics are visible in future.

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