• We provide penetration testing service to identify, report, advise and verify the identified vulnerabilities. Our services will reduce the attack surface that would protect you against adversaries.
  • Penetration Tests can be performed on the network, web application, mobile apps, wireless network, cloud etc.
  • Our typical engagements involve seeking a data request, getting into a call with the client, understanding the context, and submission of a commercial proposal, where we generally agree the duration of the assessment.
  • Typically, most engagements have two rounds of tests. The first round is to assess the vulnerabilities, provide results and the recommendations.
  • The second round of testing involves remediation effectiveness.
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Salient Features


  • Penetration tests are carried out on customer network and cloud environments which generally includes their applications, API and network.

Penetration Testing Methodology

Our Penetration testing process was created in accordance with several internationally accepted frameworks/standards

  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP),
  • Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM),
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),
  • Information System Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF), and
  • Penetration Testing Methodologies and Standards (PTES)

The role of these standards is to harmonize and provides users of the report with standardization. For instance, using OWASP references in the report, you can measure the risk associated to Top 10 OWASP attack vectors


  • The tools that we use combine ‘human creativity and imagination ’ with commercial and open-source tools aligned with target network.

Vulnerabilities and Attack reporting

  • Vulnerabilities are rated on a risk rating criteria which will show their ease of exploit and impact. The triage will help you determine the urgency of remediation.
  • While reporting any vulnerability and/or exploit we perform manual validation to eliminate any false positive.

Documented Reports

  • Each report shared with you is followed up with a session to explain and handhold system teams to remediate.
  • Most engagement have an initial draft or scratchpad of vulnerabilities, which the client fixes. Once those are fixed or accepted, we conduct another round of assessment.
  • If all identified vulnerabilities are closed, we submit a final report and a certificate of completion.


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