QMS - Implementation

Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9001 is the world's most popular ISO. The implementation ensures that your customers are satisfied and that you aim to achieve and deliver zero defect products and services.

We help organizations implement Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9001 through a well-structured methodology that involves understanding your business first and documenting customer expectations. This enables us to define a formal approach in designing and implementing the ISO 9001 requirements.

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Project Phases
Every business is unique, in terms of products, services and processes. ISO 9001 has 78 individual requirements. We follow the following phases to help you achieve ISO 9001 certification.

PHASE I - Understanding Business and customer requirements

In this phase we understand your business, management expectations, and customer requirements for quality.

PHASE II - Gap Analysis and Quality Risk Assessment

This phase deep dives into evaluating current status and performing quality risk assessment. This involves meeting each stakeholder in the business, discussing their current processes thereby analyzing the gaps and providing recommendations towards achieving quality goals.

PHASE III - Control Design and documentation

Documentation involves setting quality goals and objectives on one hand, and providing all the documentation requirements for ISO 9001. This has 20+ policies and procedures that are aligned to quality goals n one hand and iso 9001 requirements on the other. This phase has documentation for teams within the scope.


This phase involves tracking the client risks, and documentation on a weekly basis till all newly drafted policies and procedures are adequately implemented. We use live project management tools to ensure client has a visibility of the status of their applicable requirements, risks, and policies and procedures.

Performance Tracking

This phase involves evaluating the performance of quality goals using an agreed testing procedure. The results of this phase helps management get an independent verification against agreed targets. You get a report that shows 0 – 100% compliance on agreed quality goals and objectives.

Internal Audit

This phase involves verifying the completeness of the quality management system created for the organisation. This results in a formal internal audit report. The findings are shared with the management for further improvement.
With the above 6 phases completed, you have completed all the standard requirements, and now ready for external assessment.

External Audit Support

In this phase we support you to face the external audit agency (certification body).

At the end of these 7 phases you will achieve ISO 9001 certification. With the certification process in place you need to maintain the quality policies and procedures using an agreed annual tasks to remain compliant for future.

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