Cyber Security Program aims to protect the organizations’ cyber infrastructure and digital assets. The framework touches upon a wide variety of global practices and covers ISO 27001, COBIT, SANS, PCI to name a few.

We have a 6-phase Methodology, to help you achieve successful compliance.

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SOC 1 Documentation
Project Phases - Broadly
We have a structured approach to determine the applicable risks and controls that are required to successfully implement the framework.

Phase I – Determination of Cyber Security Objectives

This phase involves determining organisation's cyber infrastructure and key stakeholder expectations.

Phase II – Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

This phase involves performing a gap analysis of the above-listed objectives on one hand, and the applicable Cyber Security controls and related risks, on the other. The result of this analysis helps the organisation their current status and newly identified risks.

Phase III – Control Design and Documentation

This phase involves our methodology that involves the distribution of risk, and control responsibility to internal stakeholders. This also includes the nomination of key roles such as security officer – who will drive the ongoing compliance. In addition, we enable the organisation to define and implement key security processes that ensure ongoing compliance.

Phase IV – Monitoring and Tracking Implementation

This phase involves tracking the client risks, documentation and self-compliance on a regular basis till all internal controls are adequately implemented.

Phase V – Performance Tracking

Once the control design is documented and accountability is established, it is time to measure the effectiveness of the controls. This phase involves measuring internal control changes on a scale of 0-100%. This gives assurance to internal stakeholders that the processes implemented are adequate (or at risk). If there are deviations or risks identified, they are treated.

Phase VI – Internal Audit

An independent assessment is performed to ensure and rate organisation maturity of handling future security risks on the cyber security framework.

At this stage the client has implemented the NIST CSF in completeness and has ongoing program to manage and maintain the governance framework.

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