• We assist clients in implementing Artificial-Intelligence(AI) Management System (AI) ISO 42001.
  • For AI/ML providers, ISO 42001 provides an internal control framework using which they can demonstrate alignment with AI risks and controls.
  • AI Management system will generate metrics that will provide an assurance both to internal and external stakeholders about relevant issues and risks.
  • For AI customers, an ISO 42001 compliant organization assures that AI-relevant risks are proactively managed as part of the developer lifecycle and delivery.
  • In Coral, we have a well-defined consulting methodology for AI - MS - ISO 42001 that includes scoping, AI system impact assessment, and setting up AI governance programs, for our clients.
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AI – Context Issues, Challenges, Opportunities

AI Management System Consulting Engagement Milestones:

  • Business Scope
  • Understanding the AI System
  • AI System Impact Assessment
  • Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Brainstorming
  • Setting Accountability
  • Policy Definition and Rollout across the organization
  • Training and Awareness
  • Measurement and Audit
  • Continuous Monitoring

ISO 42001:2023 Coverage:

  • Management System requirements – Clause 4 to 10, the structure is aligned to any ISO standard requirements (such as ISO 9001). Total requirements - 29.
  • Annexure A: Control Objectives and Controls – AI set of controls to apply based on an organizations risk assessment. Total controls: 47
  • Annexure B: Implementation guidance – Detail recommendations of controls listed in Annexure A
  • Annexure C: Potential AI related organizational objectives and risk sources. Use this section to design your AI objectives
  • Annexure D: Use of the AI management system across domains or sectors
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