Coral assisted Curitics achieve HITRUST Certification

Coral assisted Curitics achieve HITRUST Certification
Jun 3, 2024


Curitics has a SAAS platform that helps automate patient healthcare processes


Using a step-by-step approach, Coral assisted Curitics in achieving HITRUST certification. Coral and Curitics collaborated to perform the following steps.


·      Determination of ePHI and scope of systems and networks

·      Determination of applicable domains and requirements

·      Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

·      Documentation of Policies and Procedures

·      User Training and Brainstorming

·      Internal Audits

·      HITRUST Assessor Support



The outcome of the HITRUST certification for Curitics are as follows:


·      Enhanced Security Posture

·      Regulatory Compliance

·      Risk Management

·      Trust and Assurance

·      Streamlined Audits and Assessments

·      Business Continuity and Resilience

·      Operational Efficiency

·      Continuous Improvement

·      Competitive Advantage

·      Cultural Shift Towards Security Awareness


·      Improved Third-Party Risk Management