Coral Advised Hosting Concepts (Open Provider) to Successful ISO 27001 Certification

Apr 17, 2023

Hosting Concepts (Open provider) is ICANN approved domain registrar based in Netherlands with its offices in Span, India, Canada.


The process of ISO 27001 2013 certification involved taking the organisation through the following steps (not exhaustive)


·      Understanding the organization business

·      Establishing security objectives

·      Gap analysis – standard has 26 management system and 114 annexure controls

·      3 layer risk assessment, and risk management support

·      Documentation of policies, procedures and process – based on the standard as well as the risk driven policy requirements

·      Implementation Support Tracking

·      Measurement of applicable controls

·      Training to all staff

·      Internal Audit

·      External support during stage 1 and stage 2



Coral ISMS-ISO 27001 Implementation and certification supports helps clients to achieve security excellence in their service delivery and internal control framework.