We provide documentation toolkit to fulfill HITRUST requirements.

For each HIPAA requirement, we have red, understood, and reviewed each requirement in details that has resulted in these templates. In addition, these templates have been used in our existing consulting engagements.

In addition, these templates have been used in our existing consulting engagements.

What does the toolkit cover?

  • Policy – a document that shows organisation intent to comply to a requirement of the standard
  • Procedures – a document that defines how an organisation can accomplish a task in a step by step method
  • Measurement – How an organisation can measure the performance of the documented procedure
  • Templates – Based the policy/procedure/measurement requirement, we provide a ready to use template that ranges from word, excel, power point presentations – that helps an organisation achieve their own HITRUST goals.

Policies, procedures and templates combined together give you a comprehensive framework that you can use in the organisation to design, and distribute the HIPAA requirements and related documentation.

List of documents

  • Policy-HITRUST–Compliance
  • Policy-HITRUST Roles & Responsibilities
  • Standard - Information-Classification & Media Handling
  • Product-Solution Architecture
  • Policy - Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Policy - Acceptable use
  • Inventory-Assets
  • Inventory-Assets-Confidentiality Rating
  • Manual – HR
  • Procedure - Disciplinary Action
  • Policy – Infosec Education, Training and Awareness
  • Manual - IT Operations
  • Manual - Physical Security
  • Policy - Access Control
  • Policy - Backup and Recovery
  • Policy – Budgeting
  • Policy - Change Management
  • Policy - Media Management
  • Policy - Network Security
  • Policy – Privacy
  • Policy – SIEM
  • Policy - Third Party Assurance – coverage
  • Policy - Vendor risk management
  • Procedure - Breach Notification
  • Procedure - Configuration Management
  • Procedure - HITRUST Risk Assessment
  • Procedure-Security-Incident-Response
  • Business continuity Plan
  • HITRUST - Monthly Report

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