Most of us in North India would have woken up to this incident this morning.

This is one of those situations when some of our advise if implemented would have averted your organization preparedness to meet such an eventuality. I clearly remember a business process outsourcing company whose main location of continuity was in the same state (in fact it was within 10 kilometer distance) of their main site.

It is impossible for organizations to predict such an incident and you never know the root cause despite what authorities say. There is again nothing that you can do but to ‘prepare’ for such eventualities You can beef up your power backup infrastructure but for how long? Note a situation like this not only cripples your organization but cripples everything around you, including supply chain of oil companies. So if you say we can manage with diesel for our generator, the question is for how long?

We advise clients to keep the business continuity plan/strategy with as many variations as possible from their main location. One of the variations that we have advised is to keep their business continuity locations in an electrical grid different from the location that demands continuity.

So if you are an organization whose business continuity was from another electrical grid you have no worries. However the feeling can be nightmare if you have no continuity plan or your continuity plan is in the same electrical grid as your main location.

So you may ask what are the other variables that we should think of while designing your business continuity.

Consider the followings:

  • Different earthquake seismic zone;
  • Different climate;
  • Different external service providers;
  • Different political rule;
  • Different manpower (with same skill set);

Note that the more variables that you can think of the better would be your continuity design. There is no doubt that there is a cost involved but then someone must be calculating how much you are losing every hour. If you have these variables consider them now, otherwise your business will suffer.

As of now I hope that the power returns at the earliest.

Let me know if this helped, let me know if you consider any other issue that you think is relevant.

Author : Probal C

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