How information security is helping R&D sector?

How information security is helping R&D sector?

It is quite pleasing to see how traditional businesses are waking up to the realities of information protection.

In one of the recent assignments, Coral eSecure is now helping a 65 year old research and development (R&D) organisation to implement information security.  The zeal and enthusiasm is similar to a new startup. Millions are spent on R&D especially in fundamental reseacrh to help create a new drug or fine chemical that aims to help the organization create a competitive advantage. In the absence of security processes

The process involved identifying intellectual property assets , identifying loopholes (vulnerabilities), insider and outsider threats (such as theft of information), and helping the organization build a citadel of protection involving people, process, and technology.

A substantial effort will involve the scientist in designing and defining the information security policy, an issues that the top management is well aware of.

The initiative will result in protection and assurance to both stakeholders as well as customers who outsource their R&D to the organization.