'Societal' Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) – ISO 22301 – 2012

ISO 22301 Consulting Overview

An organisation achieving ISO 22301 certification implies it has recovery and restoration capability for each outage scenario, be it technology, site, vendor, people/skill or any other dependency. We have a 7 phase approach that starts with understanding your business and continuity objectives. This is followed by Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and Risk Assessment (RA) to determine your minimum business continuity objectives.

Each of our ISO 22301 consulting assignment involves transfer of knowledge, skills, documented plans, and testing of each of those plans. We create two layer plans that includes restoration of minimum as well as full restoration.

We have implemented ISO 22301 for large Telecoms covering multiple locations, Financial Institutions, and Insurance Companies. Each of them are successfully ISO 22301 certified.

What makes us unique is our involvement in the engagement that ensures your business is capable of successful recovery. Our methodologies of understanding a business, business impact analysis, risk assessment, continuity strategies (focus on outage rather than events), individual restoration plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, rigorous testing, and zero defect ISO 22301 certification - each of these features contribute to a better return of your business continuity investment.  

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The standard is divided into 10 following clauses. For ISO 22301 certification only Clause 4 to 10 is applicable.

Clause 1 – Scope
Clause 2 – Normative References
Clause 3 – Terms and definitions
Clause 4 – Context of the organization
Clause 5 – Leadership
Clause 6 – Planning
Clause 7 – Support
Clause 8 – Operation
Clause 9 – Performance Monitoring
Clause 10 – Improvement

Our ISO 22301 Consulting Methodology has the following broad phases

We bring our world-class experience in delivery BCMS ISO 22301 implementation leading to successful certification.

Phase I - Understanding the business objectives, and business continuity objectives.

Phase II - Business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessment.

Phase III - Management Strategy for recovery

Phase IV – Documenting and communication individual plans.

Phase V -  Testing each of the Individual Plans.

Phase VI - Internal Audit.

Phase VII - ISO 22301 certification audit has two stages:

Stage 1 - Documentation Audit, and,

Stage 2 - implementation verification.

We support you in all phases to help you achieve ISO 22301 certification. 

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