Principal Consultant

Probal Choudhuri is the Principal Consultant and Founder-CEO of Coral eSecure. Probal started Coral eSecure in December 2003, after spending 10 years in the industry, which included training in Information Security, IT Service Management and Business Continuity to 1000+ professionals.

His training experience in these standards and Coral constant endeavor to optimize consulting services, is the foundation of Coral consulting methodology, assuring ROI on Coral services.

Probal has a hands-on experience in advising 100+ clients, in multiple industry sectors, in multiple International locations. His experience involves multiple industry practices, multiple industry sectors, and multiple International locations. He has experience in doing one standard in one company location, to doing multiple standards for single company across multiple locations that includes International locations. This foundation is the backbone for Coral services.

He believes in making compliance easy for customers, and that the complexity should remain with Coral. He has created tools, methods, and approaches that ensure an individual role is embedded with changes required by the organisation to achieve ongoing compliance.

Coral Customers are able to see clear-cut differentiation in terms of enterprise-value enhancement based on engagement scope. This has resulted them in engaging Coral for each new risk based standard – when they move from one compliance program to another.

Probal leads from the front for each of the Coral engagement. The trainer in him sees an organisation as a collection of students playing different role, who need to be directed to align themselves to demonstrate compliance – without losing business objectives of the individual enterprise. This is done through a well- structured methodology – which exists for each Coral consulting subject.

Probal is a CISSP, CISA, CISM, and posses certifications in Cyber Security, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, ISO 22301, ISO 20000, ISO 31000, and ISO 9001. He considers his training and certifications as baseline, but his real knowledge and experience is a result of 100+ consulting assignments.

Besides work, he enjoys reading books, and taking regular walks, as he cannot play soccer anymore.

His latest passion is attending short courses on online portals – which he considers as a game-changer for anyone wanting to learn ‘anything’.