The company is one of the popular biometrics providers in India. They have stayed alive despite the Chinese onslaught of cheap products because of their pan India ‘service’ capability.

One of the challenges that they faced was more and more buyer organisation was speaking the IT service lingo that this organisation was somehow not able to come grip with. They decided that ‘it is time to change’.

It was a chance meeting with the managing director that helped steer the journey.

ISO 20000 defines IT service quality using agreed service catalogue as the basis. We at Coral started the journey by defining what IT customer would like to see in their agreement while engaging with them.

What followed was a reorientation program where both management as well as this 300 staff organisation implemented.

It was quite a unique experience. They wanted all the 3 best practices. They were already ISO 9001-2008, they wanted to upgrade to the 2015 version. It was a unique integration experience.

The three standards were divided into organisational teams. We started with a Venn diagram, to highlight who would own which process.

ISO 20000 processes were owned by customer facing teams, which form part of customer experience. They included teams such as design and SRS teams, and customer helpdesk.

ISO 27001 went to controlling departments. This included IT support, HR, in-house ERP, and Physical Security.

ISO 9001 for those that did not come under the above two. Store/Purchase were some of them.

Each of the teams had a visibility how they contributed to the success of customer satisfaction.

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