Why Coral eSecure

Here is a summary of key differentiating factors for considering Coral eSecure consulting services. They serve as benefits to Clients.

  • 100% Success Rate with almost zero error – All Coral eSecure consulting assignments since 2003 have achieved successful compliance.  This is not a self-exaggeration but this is due to  our methodology of consulting.
  • Reduction of enterprise risk – Every client and every assignment leads to an enterprise value transfer. One such key deliverable is enterprise risk reduction. We guarantee that each assignment brings down your enterprise risk by 50%. Win certain cases we have even reached a a level 70% enterprise risk reduction.
  • Project management methodology: Coral’s unique way of managing multiple subjects and their implementation is driven by a dashboard approach which enables project stakeholders to view the progress of the projects using a simple yardstick. This enables both the consultants and the client to focus on issues that needs resolution immediately. This saves valuable project time and helps achieve projects at a target period of time.
  • Industry Experiences & Successful Client references: Since December 2003, Coral eSecure has experience of delivering successful consulting and certification projects to wide variety of industry including  telecom/banking/oil exploration/utilities/insurance/research and development/network management/software development/ manufacturing/data center operations/business process outsourcing/Knowledge process outsourcing;
  • Risk Assessment Methodology: Coral’s Risk Assessment methodology is much more detailed compared to traditional risk assessment.
  • Maturity Rating: You can judge the maturity of your implemented processes at the beginning and at the end, we will guarantee that you have has a quantum leap.
  • Scope of Implementation Advice: Recommendation strategy includes advice to top management, core implementation teams, and supporting departments on gaps and their implementation strategy. The breadth of recommendations includes ‘macro, ‘micro’ levels of gap-implementation.
  • Management ‘Metrics’: Coral eSecure advice includes not only implementation guidance but also measurement guidance, a key parameter using which organisation can truly measure their performance independently and benchmarking against the industry standards.
  • Experienced Consultants: Each consultant deployed has more than 5+ projects experience, that enables you to get the best that the industry has to offer.

Please call or write to us at roadmap@coralesecure.com - if you wish to know further details to any of the above points.