SMS-ISO 20000-1: 2011 - Auditor - Training

Course Name: Service Management System (SMS) - Auditor

Reference Standard: ISO 20000 – 2018

Duration: 2 Days

Method: Classroom Trainer Led

Exercise Background: Coral Consulting Experience


Course Overview

SMS – ISO 20000 based on ITIL is the standard aimed at ensuring IT organisation implements best practices to fulfil IT customer expectations. Auditors help improve the implementation of SMS processes by providing independent assurance. Based on our last 15 years of consulting experience, you will learn to audit the requirements in a step by step manner.

What is unique about the course?

  • Content is latest, dynamic, and helps you implement using a 'hands-on' approach; Content comes from successful consulting implementations and audit assignments;
  • Trainers are consultants, who share their hands-on experience of designing, defining and implementing the complex processes, and how to measure these processes that is relevance to business.
  • Price is highly competitive, falls well within the budget of an individual.

Course Coverage

The training covers 10+ hands on exercises including interpretation of the standard requirements.

Ready to Use templates

The course has 'ready to use' templates, so when you go back start working on your own SMS, you would exactly know where to start.

Hands on Exercises will cover the following BCMS process

  • Understanding fundamentals of what constitutes a formal ITSM/SMS 
  • Interpretation of ISO 20000 – 58 Individual requirements
  • Audit checklist
  • Audit Program that includes planning, recording, execution and recording and close out
  • Tracking audit findings till closures

Learning scope includes auditing each of the following requirements

ISO 20000 Requirement


4.1 Management responsibility

4.1.1 Management commitment

4.1.2 Service management policy

4.1.3 Authority, responsibility and communication

4.1.4 Management representative

  4.2 Governance of processes operated by other parties

4.3 Documentation management

4.3.1 Establish and maintain documents

4.3.2 Control of documents

4.3.3 Control of records

4.4 Resource management

4.4.1 Provision of resources

4.4.2 Human resources

4.5 Establish and improve the SMS

4.5.1 Define scope

4.5.2 Plan the SMS (Plan)

4.5.3 Implement and operate the SMS (Do)

4.5.4 Monitor and review the SMS (Check) General Internal audit Management review

4.5.5 Mainatin and Improve the SMS (Act) General Management of Improvements

5 Design and transition of new or changed services

5.1 General

5.2 Plan new or changed services

5.3 Design and development of new or changed services

5.4 Transition of new or changed services

6 Service delivery processes

6.1 Service level management

6.2 Service reporting

6.3 Service continuity and availability management

6.3.2 Service continuity and availability plans

6.3.3 Service continuity and availability monitoring and testing

6.4 Budgeting and accounting for services

6.5 Capacity management

6.6 Information security management

6.6.2 Information security controls

6.6.3 Information security changes and incidents

7 Relationship processes

7.1 Business relationship management

7.2 Supplier management

8 Resolution processes

8.1 Incident and service request management

8.2 Problem management

9 Control processes

9.1 Configuration management

9.2 Change management

9.3 Release and deployment management

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