Associated Industry Sectors



Business Challenges

Manufacturing sector contributes to the GDP of any nation and is a key determinant for growth. The sector employs more people than any other industry. The challenges of the industry includes remaining competitive using internal processes such as automation, quality control, just in time and other associated industry best practices.

High dependence on automation, Network infrastructure, ERP applications are some of the key contributors for growth seen in these industry sectors.

Competitive challenges force these organizations to perform research and development, automate, in-sourcing, outsourcing, as well as manage human resources in an unprecedented scale.


How implementation helps?


Business Impact

Information Security Management

Key areas such research and development, intellectual property protection can be assured if organisation adopts some of the best practices of ISO 27001/ISO 27002.

IT Service Management For manufactures especially those who operated from more than one location or are dependent on IT network there are direct benefits of implementing ITSM.
Business Continuity Management Although manufacturing organizations may not be able to replicate manufacturing locations for the sake of BCP, processes such as business impact analysis helps in identifying which sub system or groups are critical for continuity of business in case of an outage.  The plans so defined ensure that these processes are up and running with minimum effort.
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