ISO 22301 Documentation Toolkit

We provide documentation toolkit to fulfill Business continuity Management System (BCMS) – ISO 22301 (2012) requirements.

For each ISO 22301 – 2012 requirements, we have red, understood, analysed an organisational context, that has resulted in us creating these templates.

Each of our templates is a result of our consulting experiences – which means clients to perform their operations are using them.


What does the toolkit cover?

  • Policy – a document that shows organisation intent to comply to a requirement of the standard
  • Procedures – a document that defines how an organisation can accomplish a task in a step by step method
  • Measurement – How an organisation can measure the performance of the documented procedure
  • Templates – Based the policy/procedure/measurement requirement, we provide a ready to use template that ranges from word, excel, power point presentations – that helps an organisation achieve their own ISO 27001 - 2013 information security goals.

Policies, procedures and templates combined together give you a comprehensive framework that you can use in the organisation to design, document and distribute of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) responsibility.


List of documents

  • Procedure - BCMS Context
  • Scope Statement – BCMS
  • Policy – Business continuity Management system
  • Policy - BCMS Roles and responsibilities
  • Policy – BCMS Education, Training and Awareness
  • Methodology - Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Plan – Technology Resilience and Recovery
  • Business Continuity Plan – Vendor Resilience and Recovery Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan – Skill Resilience and Recovery Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan – Site Resilience and Recovery Plan
  • Process - BCMS Program Communication
  • Policy - Business Continuity Strategy
  • Process – Business Continuity - Warning and communication
  • Procedure - Continuity Objectives and BCMS Performance
  • Policy – Resources
  • Policy - Operation Planning and Control
  • Policy - Exercising and Testing
  • Process - BCP Internal Audit
  • Template - Management Review


Content Author: Probal Choudhuri

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