ISO 22301 Documentation Toolkit

Coral eSecure provides complete documentation to meet 'Societal' Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) - ISO 22301: 2012 certification requirement.

ISO 22301 has the following standard coverage

Clause 4 to Clause 10

Coral documentation is a result of consulting assignments, which has been tested by client who implemented these, and certification bodies - who audited.

In each document there is an opportunity to know the baseline requirements that needs to be defined, as well as, subject specific process/procedure/records - which Coral considers best practice for implementation and continuous monitoring. The latter is a result of Coral's continual improvement of how policies/procedures should be documented.


Salient Features

  • Documentation is aligned to each clause requirement - clause 4 to 10 - that is the scope of ISO 22301 compliance. Documentations cover complete ISO 22301 requirements, and has ready to use templates to demonstrate implementation.
  • Suitable templates for all business continuity processes such as business continuity (apex) policy, business impact analysis (BIA), risk assessment (RA), continuity strategy, and business continuity plan for all outage scenarios, tabletop exercise, and internal audit procedures (not exhaustive).
  • Each template has filled content - which is highlighted to distinguish that the information needs to be modified before use.
  • A guarantee that if you follow our documentation, you cannot fail in both conformance and implementation of the best practices for your own organisation.
  • Documentation is independently verified and tested for accuracy and coverage.
  • Worldwide support

If you need detail coverage of any of the documentation listing including sample draft policy before purchase, please call or write to us.

If you have any additional questions or clarifications such as demo, please do not hesitate to call or write back to us.


Sample ISO 22301 Templates

Note: The above list and the samples are indicative, not exhaustive, please request for the full list.


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