Reference Standard: ISO 27001-2022
  • ISMS covers Information Security, Cybersecurity, and Privacy Protection. CISOs and IT managers, has the responsibility to use the standard to address these challenges. The new ISO 27001 has ‘122 ‘actionable’ requirements, covering management system and annexure controls.
  • For the last 20 years Coral has been a pioneer in implementing ISMS-ISO 27001 for more than 500 organizations across the world.
  • The ‘learning’ experience of implementing these ISMS is now provided to you as part of this ISMS training program.
Training Objective:

The objective of this course is to impart the following knowledge and skills.

  • A complete understanding of Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with ISO 27001-2022 requirements.
  • This involves understanding the business requirement as well defining, documenting, implementing and auditing key ISMS processes in line with ISO 27001-2022 requirements.

At the end of the course, an individual would be able to perform the following key ISMS tasks:

  • Identification of business requirements for security
  • Internal and external context for ISMS
  • Scoping an ISMS
  • Asset and network service identification
  • Risk Assessment – Context Risk, risk of assets, risks of controls
  • Risk Treatment, 4 steps, business impact assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Writing skills
  • Performance Dashboard – How to measure the ISMS controls, with its linkage to risk register
  • Internal Audit – how to prepare, and plan
  • Management Review
  • Annual ISMS Program – How to maintain an ongoing ISMS program with list of tasks, and activities
Training Methodology
  • Lectures and Interpretation Sessions
  • Hands On Exercises
  • ISMS Contexts and Case Studies
  • Q&A

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