Associated Industry Sectors

Hospital Management


Business Challenges

Healthcare is one of the fundamental services for any human being; it encompasses research, diagnosis, medicine, and delivery of treatment, for promotion of good health. This can be broadly classified as (a) healthcare equipment and services, (b) pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & related life sciences. Other close associations exist such as regulation and management of health services delivery, and administration of health insurance.


Legal – regulatory challenges (if any)

In certain countries securing patient information is a key legal requirement. An example of this is HIPAA in United States.


How implementation helps?


Business Impact

Information Security Management

Implementation of ISMS helps in demonstrating that information is indeed secure. 

IT Service Management

If your hospital is highly dependent on IT and its service quality, the implementation will help in getting an ROI. The processes implemented will help stakeholders achieve substantial gain in business delivery.

Business Continuity Management

In order to ensure a full or partial recovery and always –on you need to know which part of the organisation needs to be up and running. The implementation of BCM will help you achieve that.

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