ISO 20000 Consultant Skills

Considering hiring an ISO 20000 consultant?

ISO 20000 implementation benefits includes an overall speed and risk reduction of IT service delivery.

The ISO 20000 consultant needs to understand business expectation and how IT shall fulfill them.

A combination of expertise goes into making one and delivering a formal ISO 20000 consulting assignment.

The ISO 20000 consultant has to have the following basic skills (not exhaustive):

  • Ability to determine business expectation from Information Technology (IT) teams in terms of services and response time.
  • Ability to articulate IT activities into logical grouping of services. Service names should be such that end users should be able to correlate.
  • Ability to differentiate whether a service is an IT service or otherwise
  • Ability to identify assets/configuration/technology infrastructure associated with individual services.
  • Ability to perform a formal service wise risk assessment for each identified service.
  • Ability to perform a gap analysis on ISO 20000 processes on each identified service
  • Ability to measure the maturity of ISO 20000 processes on a predefined scale, provide justification of the rating given
  • Strong process background in understanding each of the ISO 20000 processes and how they impact business and IT service individually
  • Ability to define and document policy, procedures and specific measurements for each identified iso 20000 processes.
  • Ability to guide an implementer (nominated team or an individual within the organisation for a specific gap) with right direction on why the policy has to be implemented in terms of business value and risk reduction
  • Ability to evaluate the whether the policy objectives are effective by seeking adequate responses and records
  • Ability to evaluate the successful implementation of a process and document advise if any.
  • Ability to ensure the cross functional impact as a result of a newly implemented policy

Selection of an iso 20000 consultant therefore has to be done ensuring adequate experience in all of the above