Consultant Mentoring

If you wish to become a consultant on any subject you need to demonstrate business strategy, subject-matter knowledge, policy writing skills, and actual project experience. Coral provides this unique program that combines all the four. In addition you are under the guidance of a mentor whose single-minded focus is YOU.

We offer consultant mentoring for the following standards:

  • Information Security Management System - ISO 27001/ISO 27002
  • Business Continuity Management System - ISO 22301
  • IT Service Management - ISO 20000/ITIL

Learning Outcome

You will become a consultant for any organisation, be independent or apply anywhere with your experience.


What we are offering you is our last 10 years consulting experiences in helping 100 + customers in achieving compliance to these subjects. You get access to best of material in learning, assessment, policy writing, and exposure to actual projects.

Methodology of Delivery

We start with understanding you in person with your past background, and your existing strengths. We define a roadmap that ensures you understand each skill in a perspective that best suits you in person.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why Coral?
Coral has demonstrated consulting skills to small to large customer about their capability to deliver consulting services in countries around the world. Coral also hired several individuals and nurtured them towards individual growth through learning these unique skills. The same is being offered to open programs.

What is the pre-requisite?
You should be preferably a technical graduate with some years of working experience with flair to understand business challenges. Rest we will do.

Do I have to leave my current position to undertake this?
No. We design a program that suits your current schedule.

What is the fee?
This is dependent on the subjects that you chose.

I have few certifications - how will this be useful?
Your certification is an endorsement of your knowledge under a fixed curriculum where there is no correlation to a business context. Most certified individuals fail in consulting job interviews because they don't have a 'contextual' experience. What we are offering is a live experience of turning your skills into application under the complete guidance of a mentor.

Next Step?
Please fill up the contact us form, and we will reach out to you with further details.

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