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Business Challenges

For any bank there is a high dependency on the availability of the network and especially the core banking applications.  Security processes play an extreme crucial role as the opportunity of any fraud can cause severe blow to the brand and image of any organisation. Some of these core applications are lifeline for any bank as they interface with other middle ware applications interfacing internet banking, ATM transactions. Confidentiality, integrity, availability plays a crucial role in ensuring the


Legal – regulatory challenges (if any)

Each central bank has specific guidelines in the expectation of how security should be implemented. Non adherence is not excuse and can cause a severe impact in the form of penalties to the bank.


How implementation helps?


Business Impact

Information Security Management

ISMS processes helps in preventing opportunities of fraud. Processess such as segregation of duties, change management, documented operating procedures ensure that all such processes are formally defined and  practiced, and measured on a continuous basis.

IT Service Management Implementation of ITSM directly impacts the quality of service from IT service delivery teams. So whether it is the core banking application groups or network management teams, ITSM implementation brings order into chaos.
Business Continuity Management In BCM terminology any bank cannot tolerate even few seconds of downtime due to the dependence of the infrastructure to customer operations. Business continuity processes helps in ensuring that critical applications such as core banking have a formal risk assessment, and in case of downtime, the ability to restore at the fastest speed is best demonstrated in banking.
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